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Personal Profile
My name is Helen Bennett -
I'm a woman of strange disposition!
I've three children and husband living with me
- all of their own volition.
I've written funny rhymes
since I was ten years old,
For friends and foe alike,
who love them, so I'm told.
I tend to see the funny side
of everything in life,
Which makes for a dotty Mother
and infuriating wife!
I love to dance; and any man
who comes within a mile,
At a party where there's music,
won't escape for quite a while!
My friends and those who know me,
I'm sure think I'm a nut
For I worked in London for many years,
which left me in a rut.
I commuted on the back,
of my husband's motorbike
I'd sit terrified and very cold,
during the one and a half hour hike.
Of course it gave me thinking time,
which I used very sensibly,
To think up Dotty
which now everyone can see.
I get pleasure from composing
all these comical little rhymes,
And apparently when they're read aloud
folk have a real good time.
So if you like making people laugh
then there's now't better you can do;
Ring Dotty Ditties .com right now
and I'll write one just for you!