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Dotty Ditties

Welcome to Dotty Ditties
Click to find out more about the Enterprising Womens Awards 2008If you need an idea for a gift or a speech, whether it’s the best man’s speech for a wedding (I’m great in an emergency!), a hen night idea or a special birthday, I write funny speeches or stories in the form of a poem about absolutely anything or anyone!

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Funny poems for any occasion:

  • Special Birthdays e.g. 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 100th
  • Retirement
  • Wedding Best Man Speech (example)
  • Hen Night (example)
  • Leaving do
  • Anniversary
  • Valentine (example)
  • Mother’s day (example)
  • Father’s day
  • Corporate or company event or away day

They are usually between 12 and twenty verses in length – you decide how much (and what type of) information you want to give me!

What my customers say:

Civil Ceremony
“The ditty was perfect, we arranged for it to be read at the opening of the ceremony before our vows (the serious bit!) but it set the tone for the whole day, you’d made it so personal for us and everyone responded to it and enjoyed the humour, mom was comfortable and relaxed reading it as she knew it would be well received, which it was, almost everyone commented on it and were surprised when mom confessed to not writing it herself as it did capture us so well, I’ve raved about your service to just about everyone I know already but in my lengthy quest for the perfect wedding reading I looked up several wedding forums on the internet such as on, these seem to be for some people a brides bible, but no-one told me about you! So I plan to return to good old cyber space at some point and tell these brides, grooms and best men what a brilliant service they are missing, you helped make our special day even more special, and I can’t thank you enough.”
Jenny Waltho, West Midlands October 2008

“When I stood up to read this at their wedding, I got exactly the reaction I had hoped for - lots of laughter and tears!  It went down an absolute storm and from the microphone being passed around for some informal speeches, after mine, everyone else declined because it was such a hard act to follow!  I probably had as many congratulations after reading that poem as the bride and groom did on their wedding so thank you SO much for putting her life into rhyme.   I will be recommending you to all my friends and family when I confess to them that the big effort really came from you.”
Sheena Capon, Essex, September 2008

"The poem was the most amazing thing anyone has ever done for me!!"
Debbie - recipient of the poem commissioned by Sheena Capon (above)

(The following testimonial was as a result of the most challenging speech I have ever been asked to write yet! I was asked by the bride to include up to forty Morrissey song lines in the poem, as the groom is known all over the world as Morrissey’s biggest fan – even some of the band were at the wedding. No pressure then!!)

“The poem was, of course, a huge success !! Ken and the crowd absolutely loved it. It was such a life saver for me - being able to stand up and read something so funny and brilliant but without the anxiety of a speech. Gary Day from Morrissey's band was there and about 10 of Morrissey's biggest fans - they all thought it was fantastic. Only my closest pals know I was a fake but they'll hold the secret!! They, like me, think your skill is absolutely amazing. Thanks again Helen for all your special effort - I will never forget it!!!” TILL THE NEXT TIME...”
Heather Caldi, Glasgow, August 2008

Best Man’s Speech
“Just a very quick note to say that the speech was fantastic! It went down really really well! Thanks you very much indeed !!!! “
Doug Lobb, Essex, July 2008

50th Birthday
“The ditty went down a storm!  My Brother was really really touched and it made me feel so good.  Thank you for working to such a tight deadline too!What you manage to do is work within the limitations of the basic facts that I give you, and turn them into a creative form of prose, conveying all aspects of the message in a wonderful, humourous and engrossing way.  You are brilliant and I really don't know how you do it.  I would not hesitate to use you again!”
Lynne Schapiro, Greater London, May 2007

Hen Night
“Just a short note to let you know that the ditty was a great success - my cousin was mortified that a couple of the stories were made public(!!) but she
took it with good grace. she originally thought I was the author of the poem as
it was so personal - she couldn't figure out how a stranger could get her so right! anyway, thanks again, I'll be sure to recommend your services in the future.”
Angie Stevens, London, September 2007


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